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Named as ‘one of it kind Amusement Park in India’ by Entertainment City Ltd, Worlds of  Wonder is a kingdom of adventures in the truest sense. The entertainment spaces, tour of the lively attractions, breathtaking rides, shopping and dining activities and other recreational activities make this park one of the best Amusement Parks in Delhi NCR.

The park is divided into two entertainment zones - Roadshow (Teen Zone) and La Fiesta (Adult Zone) lining up a number of attractions. Worlds of Wonder is the loudest, craziest and the most amazing part of the city. This is not just an Amusement Park, but a world of breath taking charm.

The team has masterfully created immersive thrill experiences tied to some of the world’s most beloved rides with Worlds of Wonder offers. The Amusement Park has more than 20 fantastically built and placed rides and attractions to ensure that you have the time of your life.

Worlds of  Wonder is a world-class Amusement Park which never disappoints. You can get on one of the 20+ rides or enjoy the carnival games/indoor games.

A destination since its inception in 2007, Worlds of  Wonder attracts lakhs and lakhs of visitors each year with its mighty rides in the Amusement Park and Water Park. For the park’s ultimate thrill, you can head to the Worlds of  Wonder Water Park which offers endless entertainment and fun. For the younger set, the Amusement Park offers immersive attractions such as the Space Shot, Bird’s Nest, Hippti Hop and many more options abiding by the safety rules and regulations. It is undoubtedly the place to celebrate the small moments and share the big wonders .Amongst the several Amusement Parks in India, Worlds of Wonder has developed into one of the largest and most successful of the lot. The architecture, delicious food, thrilling rides and light displays add flavor to the enchanting experience.

Plan your visit now to make every moment epic making it worth taking with friends and family!


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